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“A veteran’s experiences are individual to each soldier – a veteran’s care plan must also be individual to each person”.


Trauma is a natural emotional reaction to terrible experiences that involve actual or threatened serious harm to oneself or others. However, for some people, the thoughts or memories of these events seriously affect their lives, long after any real danger has passed. This is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

As defined by CAMH, Canadian Association of Mental Health


From the on-set our cannabis counsellors will guide you through the process of obtaining your medical document for medicinal cannabis. Our Veterans Program Coordinator will then oversee your progress through the process. With our unique collaborative partnerships with licensed producers, Department of Veterans Affairs Canada and insurers we are able to liaise and advocate on your behalf. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, we are aware of the challenges that veterans may face. We want to support you through the process, and support your journey to wellness.



Have your physician complete a Referral Form OR a Self Referral Form. Return forms via fax or email.

Once a referral form is completed an appointment is made.

Medical Assessment by a Canadian Cannabis Clinic Physician.

Our in-house cannabis counsellors will educate and assist you in registering with a licensed producer of your choice.

Our Veteran Program Coordinator will follow-up with you within a few days of registration. A phone call away – Our Veteran Program Coordinator is available to answer questions regarding your care-plan and coverage. We are able to liaise or advocate on the Veteran’s behalf when required.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics Proudly in Support of Wounded Warriors Canada 

You may have heard of the current service dog study being conducted by Veterans Affairs Canada. VAC has completed the recruitment phase for this study. Wounded Warriors Canada is proud to say that 1/3 of all the dogs in the study are funded by Wounded Warriors Canada. Please donate in support of our PTSD Service Dog Program.

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