Leaders in Medical Cannabis
Access and Education

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is one of Canada’s leading providers of medical cannabis access and education. We offer both clinic and virtual appointments to patients who wish to get assessed.

Our vision is to accelerate education and access to medical cannabis worldwide in order to create a life filled with Better Days for people who need it.

We have helped over 85,000 Canadians to date, creating millions of Better Days for these patients. We are expanding into and educating international markets including Germany, Poland, Denmark, Columbia, France, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, and many countries around the world.

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This is how many Better Days we have created for our patients. Each day a medical cannabis patient has access to their medication is a Better Day. It improves their quality of life and helps them live their life to the fullest. 

The number of days prescribed to a patient is the number of Better Days they get to enjoy.

Dedicated to Medical Cannabis
Research and Education

Microscope Studying the Benefits of Medical Cannabis. Illustration.

Studies and Research

We are involved in various ongoing clinical studies to further research the benefits of medicinal cannabis use.

Patient Group Being Educated on How to Take and Use Medical Cannabis. Illustration.

Educating Patients

We take the time to educate our patients both during and in between appointments so they are informed and feel comfortable.

Whiteboard Educating Medical Professionals About Benefits of Medical Cannabis. Illustration.

Educating Professionals

We produce educational material for both Canadian and international medical professionals and host informational events.