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Legalization and the Medicinal Cannabis User

There’s a buzz about legal recreational cannabis in Canada.  Here’s what you need to know…

  • On October 17th, 2018 cannabis will be legal to purchase across Canada.
  • Distribution models vary from province to province.
  • Online sales and mail delivery will also be available.
  • Some pharmacies will also be distributing cannabis.
  • Individuals will be able to grow up to four plants per household

Whether private or government run, stores will only be permitted to sell cannabis products that have been supplied by a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer.

“Why should I go to a clinic to obtain my prescription and register with a Licensed Producer when I can just go to a store for the same thing?”

Despite legalization, a medical designation and working with Canadian Cannabis Clinics offers many benefits.



Using cannabis medically requires a very different approach than using recreational cannabis and a very significant aspect of that is physician supervision. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, patients receive care from physicians who are knowledgeable and experienced in authorizing cannabis as medicine and patients receive ongoing support with their treatment plan. Our team is there to help patients choose the right type of cannabis products and become registered with a Licensed Producer that has those products, as well as providing patients guidance on how to use their medication safely and economically. And there is no cost to patients.



(Medical cannabis can be covered)
Managing expenses can be challenging, especially when faced with a chronic illness, disability or living on a reduced income. Canadian Cannabis Clinics is committed to assisting our patients with accessing compassionate pricing from Licensed Producers, and also advocates for private coverage from insurers such as Dejardins, Great West Life, and Sunlife. As an insured medical user, you may also be able to use your spending account to help pay for your medication.  Lastly, your Licensed Producer will always provide you with receipts that can be used to claim your cannabis as a medical expense on your income tax. Recreational users will not have these options.



(Get the best strain that is right for you)
Like all patients, medical cannabis patients require consistent access to their medication. Products that they find helpful, that have been lab-tested for safety and accurate cannabinoid and terpene levels.

 Canadian Cannabis Clinics is implementing policy to further ensure patients will have access to the products they need. Further, we’re collaborating with Licensed Producers to ensure patient-first access over the recreational market with commitments to our clinics and medical patients that will give patients priority access.  Patients first, always!



Negative opinions about cannabis has presented barriers to those who are using, or are considering using it to treat their medical conditions. Now that cannabis is increasingly being accepted as medicine, more people are experiencing cannabinoid therapy and at Canadian Cannabis Clinics, we are ready for you!  We are expanding across the country, and innovating new procedures in order to ensure that you have easy access to medication, support and education…And always free of charge.

Here’s to your good health!

For any questions about legalization and how it may affect you, or accessing medicinal cannabis please contact [email protected]


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