The majority of the patients seen by doctors at CCC are referred by their family doctor or other treating physician.

The physicians at CCC are always available to answer any questions.
We look forward to collaborating with you and providing your patients the best care possible.

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Please submit a referral form along with reports from investigations and letters from consultants that confirm the diagnosis.

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Medical Cannabis Assessment − patients will be assessed by one of our physicians to determine if medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment. You will receive a consultation letter from us detailing the course of action.

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Ongoing − patients will be seen for follow−up visits as needed. As part of our commitment to medical cannabis research, patients may be asked to enroll in ongoing studies.


For up-to-date information on cannabis  for medical purposes for Canadian doctors and nurse practitioners, please visit:

Health Canada – Information for Health Care Professionals – Cannabis (cannabis) and the cannabinoids

Health Canada – Cannabis for medical purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

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