medical marihuana canada
Medical Marihuana in Canada

At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, we are a Canadian licensed producer offering pharmaceutical grade medical marihuana. Working with laboratories, Health Canada, and other professional associations, we practice ongoing education for our staff, our patients, and the community to ensure the highest product quality.

We are committed to your health. Our unique strains have been carefully cultivated in our own licensed, high security facility located in Ontario. Our team of professionals are leaders in their fields, with deep knowledge of plant science, horticulture, medicine, microbiology, information technologies and business. We love what we do.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics are a Health Canada licensed producer of medical marihuana and marihuana products, committed to continuous research, quality production, and top of the line client service. With decades of combined expertise in the pharmaceutical, distribution and tech industries, has made educating and resourcing doctors and their patients across Canada a top priority. It doesn’t matter if you’re down the street in Toronto, Ontario or across the country in British Columbia or Nova Scotia, Canadian Cannabis Clinics has you covered.

Following Health Canada’s recent execution of new regulations to improve access to medical marihuana for the treatment of a myriad of medical issues, patients across Canada are choosing Canadian Cannabis Clinics to help them live their way. At CCC, we serve clients not only from Ontario and BC, but also Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

What is Medical Marihuana?

Medical Marihuana (Medical Marijuana or Medical Cannabis) refers to the use of the cannabis plant and its essential Cannabinoids for use as medical therapy, to help treat disease, or in relief of medical symptoms. It has been established that the cannabis plant has a history of medical use dating back thousands of years across many cultures.

Today, we know that it is the unique Cannabinoid compounds found in marihuana that provide the medicinal benefits of the plant. There is now extensive anecdotal evidence that marihuana may be useful in the treatment of a variety of conditions and symptoms.

Why Choose CCC?

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is committed to developing and producing the highest quality medicinal marihuana products with sustainable and uniform production practices. We will strive to provide our clients with welcoming customer service, ongoing educational materials, fast delivery and a compassionate care program. Our goal is to raise the profile of marihuana as medicine, bridging the gap between subjective benefits and research-based medicine.