Medical Marihuana in Canada

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Canadian Cannabis Clinics is Canada’s premier medical marijuana clinic with several locations throughout Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario. Since Canadian Cannabis Clinics opened our first location in St. Catharines in September of 2014, we have taken pride in becoming Canada’s leader in medical cannabis. Now, over a year later, CCC has opened eight other locations in the area, including Burlington, Etobicoke, Kitchener, London, Ottawa, Toronto, Whitby, and Windsor.

Medical Marijuana Consultation Process

Before you can meet with one of Canadian Cannabis Clinics’ expert physicians, you must first meet with your family doctor or a general physician to see if medical marihuana is a legitimate option to treat the symptoms of your medical condition. If your doctor decides that medical cannabis is an option, then ask he or she to refer you to Canadian Cannabis Clinics.

Once you’ve been referred by your family doctor, you’ll meet with one of our expert medical cannabis consultants. They will make the final decision on whether or not medical marijuana is the best option to treat your medical symptoms.

After the completion of your consultation, your consultant will grant you the required Medical Document if you’re found to be eligible. You will then meet with one of Canadian Cannabis Clinics’ CanvasRx counsellors. Our CanvasRx counsellors, who work  on-site at our CCC locations, will provide you with information on your medical marihuana use, including what cannabis strain is best for you, how you should consume your cannabis, and which licensed producer is the best match. Remember, no medical marihuana is kept on-site at Canadian Cannabis Clinics. You can acquire your medical marijuana from a licensed producer in your area using the prescription attained from CCC.

There is no fee to be a patient with CCC. All you need is a valid OHIP health card and a written referral from your family doctor.

Working with Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Best Medical Marihuana Clinic in Canada

Canadian Cannabis Clinics believes that quality medical marihuana care should be provided to everyone in Canada who meets the requirements. Our staff is committed to not only providing patients with the best care possible, but to educating the public on the benefits of medical marihuana usage. This isn’t limited to potential patients. Often times, we find that physicians are reluctant to recommend medical marijuana because they simply don’t realize its medical benefits. CCC has made the education of the public on marijuana a priority, along with the advancement of medical marijuana research.

If you’ve tried traditional medicine to no avail and think that medical marihuana could be right to treat your symptoms, ask your doctor to refer you to Canadian Cannabis Clinics.