Medical Marijuana in Alberta

medical marijuana alberta


Canadian Cannabis Clinics is proud to provide citizens with expert advice and top quality medical marijuana in Alberta. With locations in Calgary, Edmonton and Edmonton North, we aim to provide our patients with the highest level of medical care and an improved quality of life with the use of cannabis as medicine. If you think that medical marijuana may be the right form of treatment for you, speak to your family doctor for a referral today.

The use of marijuana for medical purposes has been misunderstood by the general public for many years. Our goal at Canadian Cannabis Clinics is to educated patients, physicians and the general public about the effective use of medical marijuana in Alberta to reduce the stigma and invite citizens to explore alternative treatment options for their unique conditions. With the use of academic researches and science, we gather a better understanding of the positive impact that medical marijuana has on conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, arthritis and many more every single day.

If you are think that medical marijuana in Alberta might be the right treatment for you, give us a call today. Our team of expert doctors in Calgary, Edmonton and Edmonton North are always available to answer your questions and concerns.


Why Use Medical Marijuana?

medical marijuana albertaMedical Cannabis or Medical Marijuana refers to the use of the cannabis plant and its essential Cannabinoids for use as medical therapy, to help treat disease, or in relief of medical symptoms. It has been established that the cannabis plant has a history of medical use dating back thousands of years across many cultures.

Today, we know that it is the unique Cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana that provide the medicinal benefits of the plant. There is now extensive anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana in Alberta may be useful in the treatment of a variety of conditions and symptoms.