Canadian Cannabis 
Clinic in Guelph

Guelph Clinic

Canadian Cannabis Clinic is now in Guelph. Our specialized doctors are willing to provide medical care, on-site education to assist any patient. Our mission is to reach out to those who are in need of medical cannabis treatment and educate more doctors to show the benefits of medical cannabis.

Why Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis has been considered a “taboo” even though it’s been legalized in 2001, but that’s because not many doctors know about the benefits of marijuana. Patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Crohn’s disease and even Alzheimer’s benefitted from medical marijuana and people managing pain like arthritis, and muscular dystrophy have benefitted from marijuana too.

Is Medical Cannabis for You?

Consult with your doctor if Cannabis could be an opinion for you. If your doctor believes medical cannabis could treat or help you, ask your doctor to refer you to Canadian Cannabis. If refer is not possible call the clinic for more information.

How Does it Work?

After requiring medical history and treatment from your doctor, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment for your assessment.

After completing our form, you will be assessed and examined by a doctor to determine your suitability for medical cannabis. If medical cannabis is authorized, an on-site educator will advise you on cannabis use and assist you. Regular follow-ups will be scheduled to track your progress.

Where Do I Get Marijuana?

Even though we are licensed to fill out your prescription, we do not keep any medical marijuana on site. You must take it to a licensed medical marijuana producer. There are licensed medical marijuana producers in Toronto, Burlington, and throughout the GTA. All medical cannabis producers must ensure they meet specific regulations.

Call us 1-888-256-7043 or visit our Guelph clinic at 83 Dawson Road, Suite 208