Medical Marijuana in Burlington

Burlington's Best Medical Marijuana Clinic


Canadian Cannabis Clinics is Burlington’s premier medical marijuana provider. We pride ourselves on offering the best medical marijuana services in Burlington and throughout the GTA. Our expertly trained staff is dedicated to helping patients manage their symptoms through the usage of medical marijuana.

What Does Medical Marijuana Treat?

Medical Marijuana can be used to treat or manage the symptoms of a variety of specific conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, eczema, and lymphoma. If you’re in the Burlington area and think that medical marijuana could be used to manage or treat the symptoms of your illness, check out Canadian Cannabis Clinics.

Am I Eligible for Medical Marijuana in Burlington?

In order to acquire medical marijuana in Burlington, you must be cleared by a medical physician. If the physician determines that medical marijuana is appropriate for a patient, then that patient will be given the required medical document (a prescription, basically).

Most of the patients are referred to Canadian Cannabis Clinics by their general practicing doctor. At CCC, our physicians are always available to answer any questions or concerns that a patients may have about medical cannabis.

Where Do I Get Medical Marijuana in Burlington?

Although Canadian Cannabis Clinics is licensed to fill prescriptions on site, we do not keep any medical marijuana in the facility. Once you have acquired the proper prescription, you must take it to a licensed medical cannabis producer, which can be found in Burlington, Toronto, and in other locations throughout the GTA and Ontario. All medical marihuana producers are required to follow the technical guidelines laid out by Health Canada to ensure that their product is properly dried and meets specific regulations.


Do I Have to Smoke the Medical Marijuana?

If you’re concerned about having to smoke the medical marijuana—don’t be. In fact, Canadian Cannabis Clinics and Health Canada both recommend that you intake your medical cannabis through vaporizing rather than smoking. By vaporizing, you’ll still intake all the active components of medical cannabis while evading all of the excess burnt marijuana matter.

Why Choose CCC for Medical Marijuana in Burlington?

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is the best medical marijuana clinic in Burlington. Our own Dr. Barry Waisglass is one of the most knowledgeable medical marijuana practitioners in Burlington and throughout Toronto and the rest of Ontario. If you’re suffering from symptoms that you think could be treated or lessened by the use of medical marihuana, don’t hesitate to contact Canadian Cannabis Clinics. Our Burlington, Ontario location is at 3155 Harvester Road, Suite 302 and can be reached by phone at (289) 217-7947. Don’t let your nagging medical symptoms bother you any longer. Give Canadian Cannabis Clinics a call today!