medical marijuana canada

Canadian Cannabis Clinics: Canada’s Leader in Medical Marijuana

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is building Canada’s foremost center for marijuana use as medicine to treat or lessen symptoms for a number of serious conditions. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, it is our top priority to lead the new Canadian medical marijuana industry through our contribution in clinical research that will close the gap between the subjective benefit and evidence-based medicine in order to regulate medical marijuana usage across Canada.

Looking forward, our application to conduct a clinical trial looking at several varieties of medical marijuana in patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee has just been formally approved by Health Canada. This is the first clinical trial registered since the transition to the MMPR and once again Canadian Cannabis Clinics is taking the lead in exploring both the safety and effectiveness of vaporized medical marijuana for our patients.

Despite being based only in Ontario, Canadian Cannabis Clinics is happy to serve Canadians from all across the country. We’ve served clients from coast to coast. Whether you’re in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, or New Brunswick, Canadian Cannabis Clinics can meet your needs.

At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, we’re dedicated to cultivating and providing the benefits of medical marijuana to our patients safely and reliably. Our team of certified physicians, botanists, and expert horticulturists are industry leaders in medical marijuana research and related agricultural sciences in Canada. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, we’re constantly looking for ways to make your experience more efficient and “user-friendly”.

Canadian Cannabis Clinic’s Quality Standards

Government and regulatory bodies set the minimum standards for medicines like medical marijuana. These standards are generally the baseline needed to ensure adequate product. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, we believe that adequate is not good enough.

Beyond the foundation of regulatory standards, Canadian Cannabis Clinics believe that processes and procedures need to be established and technology needs to be adopted to ensure highest quality. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, that means indentifying and controlling all the critical factors that makes medical marijuana a safe and effective medicine. It’s about reliability, predictability, safety and efficacy.

Overseeing the quality of medical marijuana presents many unique challenges beyond that of a standard medicine. Medical marijuana is a plant-based medicine that is used in its most organic form. Therefore, product controls need to be put in place well before the growing stage of the product and well after a product is ready to be consumed. Canadian Cannabis Clinics’ production and quality team work together to efficiently match the craft of growing a medicine that has a broad history of use with all the tools that modern science and technology has to offer.