Medical Marijuana in Collingwood

medical marijuana collingwood


For those looking for a medical marijuana clinic in Collingwood, Ontario to treat or lessen the symptoms of your medical condition, you’re in luck. Canadian Cannabis Clinics’ location at Mind, Body, Spirit Connections on Ste. Marie St is home to the best medical marijuana doctors in Collingwood.  At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, our goal is to help patients in Collingwood manage their medical symptoms and conditions through the use of medical cannabis. Our doctors have a commitment to educating patients, the public, and even other physicians about using medical marijuana to treat symptoms of certain medical conditions. We’re always working with academic researchers to move forward in the state of science regarding the medical usage of marijuana.

Canadian Cannabis Clinic’s Collingwood Location

If you’re in Collingwood and think medical marijuana could be right for you and your medical condition, ask your family doctor. If he or she agrees that medical marijuana could help your symptoms, ask that they refer you to Canadian Cannabis Clinic’s London office. The clinic is located on the main floor of the Mind, Body, Spirit Connections building at 23 Ste. Marie St.

Canadian Cannabis Clinic’s doctors are the best in the business, with years of experience in medical marijuana research and consultations.  There are a number of medical cannabis clinics that operate in the gray areas of the law, dealing with both consultations as well as the sale of the product. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, we stay away from the gray area. No medical marijuana is kept on-site. We view the product as medicine, and we are working diligently to make it a more acceptable treatment option, in Collingwood, in Ontario, and nationwide.

Outside of the normal business operations, Canadian Cannabis Clinics is also focused on educating local physicians on the benefits of using medical marijuana as a treatment option. The reason that it’s seen as “taboo” to some doctors is because they’re not educated on the product and its effects. Canadian Cannabis Clinics is working hard to not only bring the best medical cannabis clinics to several cities throughout Ontario, but to educate doctors on products.

Collingwood’s Best Medical Cannabis Clinic

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is Collingwood’s top medicinal marijuana clinic. If you and your doctor believe that medical marijuana could be used to treat or lessen the symptoms of your condition, don’t hesitate to give Canadian Cannabis Clinics a call at (705) 293-3000. Our doctors are available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM and are always happy to help. Don’t suffer from your symptoms and the side effects of traditional medicine any longer. Give the best medical cannabis clinic in Ontario a call today!