Medical Marijuana in Etobicoke

Etobicoke's #1 Medical Marihuana Clinic


Canadian Cannabis Clinics is excited to announce the opening of their new medical marijuana clinic in Etobicoke! The Etobicoke location is one of several throughout the GTA and Ontario providing medical care to patients by determining whether or not medical marijuana could treat or lessen symptoms for a variety of diseases and disorders.
If you’re looking for medical marijuana in Etobicoke, Ontario, look no further than Canadian Cannabis Clinics. Our expertly trained staff is proud to be a part of Canada’s foremost center for the use of marijuana as medicine. Our experience general practitioner Dr. Barry Waisglass believes that there are multiple ways to combat and reduce medical symptoms which don’t include using prescription drugs. When you come visit us at Canadian Cannabis Clinics, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in the hands of the #1 medical marijuana clinic in all of Canada.
Although there are many several medical marijuana clinics in Etobicoke and throughout Ontario and the GTA, only Canadian Cannabis Clinics can offer you friendliest and most knowledgeable staff as it relates to the usage of cannabis to treat medical issues.

Why Use Medical Cannabis in Etobicoke?

Using medical marijuana can treat or lessen symptoms in the same way that prescription drugs do, but without all of damaging potential side effects. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, our team is always partnering with researchers to progress the state of medical science as it relates to medical marihuana. In fact, Canadian Cannabis Clinics recently partnered with CanvasRx Inc. in order to conduct what will be the biggest observational study in Canada as it relates to medical marijuana.
The focus of the study is to determine the benefits and drawbacks of inhaling medical marijuana with a vaporizer rather than direct smoking. The study includes patients prescribed by CCC’s medical cannabis clinic in Etobicoke, along with the Toronto clinic and several others throughout the GTA and Ontario.

What is the Process of Acquiring Medical Marijuana in Etobicoke?

The first step in acquiring medical marijuana in Etobicoke is asking your family doctor or general practitioner if he or she believes that medical cannabis could be a legitimate option to treat or lessen your medical symptoms. If your doctor confirms that medical marijuana could be an option for you, your next step is to contact the Canadian Cannabis Clinics Etobicoke location at (647) 499-5752.

Then, one of our medical marijuana physicians will consult with you to confirm and ensure that medical cannabis could help your symptoms. You will receive a consultation letter from CCC detailing the course of action. Once Canadian Cannabis Clinics provides you with your medical marijuana prescription, you must go to a licensed medical cannabis distributor to acquire the product.
Don’t wait any longer while your medical symptoms bog you down. Medical marijuana could be an option. Ask your family doctor if he or she thinks medical marijuana is right for you and give Canadian Cannabis Clinics a call at our Etobicoke location! Our friendly and well-trained staff is always available to answer questions. Look forward to hearing from you!