Medical Marijuana in Kingston

 medial marijuana in kingston


Canadian Cannabis Clinics is thrilled to announce the opening of the best medical marijuana clinic in Kingston, at 863 Princess Street Suite 304. The Kingston clinic joins several others throughout the Ontario, including Windsor, London, Kitchener, Burlington, Etobicoke, Toronto, and Whitby.

The goal of Canadian Cannabis Clinics’ Kingston clinic is to provide medical cannabis consultations to patients in the Kingston area who think that their symptoms could be treated by the usage of medical marihuana. Many family physicians are resistant to prescribing or recommending medical marijuana for their patients, usually because they don’t know enough about its medical benefits.

That, too, is a goal of Canadian Cannabis Clinics. Besides simply consulting with patients, CCC also aims to educate physicians and the general public on the benefits of using medical cannabis to treat a number of medical symptoms, mostly related to pain management. Canadian Cannabis Clinic is proud to be the top clinic for medical marihuana in Kingston, and to increase the public knowledge on cannabis through education and research.

Using Medical Marijuana in Kingston

Because Canadian Cannabis Clinics is strictly a medical clinic and not a dispensary, no medical cannabis is kept on site.  If you think that medical marijuana could be used to treat your symptoms, ask your doctor is he or she agrees. This is an important step. Canadian Cannabis Clinics cannot consult with you unless you have been referred by your family doctor. Once your family doctor has referred you to Canadian Cannabis Clinics, you’ll have a medical consultation with one of our expert physicians to make the final decision on whether or not medical marihuana is right to treat your symptoms. It’s important to remember that medical marijuana is not usually “Plan A”—it’s usually a third or fourth option, once the doctor and patient both realize that traditional medicine is either ineffective or that the side effects outweigh the positives.

Top Medical Cannabis Clinic in Kingston

There are no fees to consult with Canadian Cannabis Clinics. All you need is a referral from your family doctor and a valid OHIP card. As long as you have those two things, you’re eligible for a consultation with the premier medical marihuana clinic in Kingston. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have. Ask your doctor today if medical cannabis could be right for you, and give our Kingston clinic a call at 1-888-256-7043. Don’t let your pesky symptoms bother you any longer. Let Canadian Cannabis Clinics get you the help that you deserve.