Medical Marijuana in Kitchener

Kitchener's Leader in Medical Marijuana Clinics


Canadian Cannabis Clinics is thrilled to announce the opening of our Kitchener medical marijuana clinic. The Kitchener cannabis clinic location joins several others throughout the GTA and Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Burlington, London, among others. At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, our goal is to provide medical services to individuals in Kitchener who believe that medical cannabis could be a legitimate option to treat or lessen the symptoms of their medical condition.
Our doctors, led by our lead practitioner Dr. Barry Waisglass, have worked throughout Ontario and the GTA in a number of different communities with a focus on treating medical conditions by using non-traditional methods, including medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis in Canada

Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada and Ontario since 2001. On April 1, 2014, Canadian laws made acquiring medical marijuana much easier for Canadians. Since then, the number of medical marijuana clinics throughout Ontario and the GTA has increased exponentially, including Canadian Cannabis Clinics opening up locations in Kitchener, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, and several other locations in the area.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics’ Kitchener Office

Our Kitchener office is located at 885 Glasgow Street Unit #2 and can be reached by phone at (226) 680-0779. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to provide assistance and answer any questions that you may have, whether it pertains to appointments, prescriptions, or medical marijuana in general.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics follows a strict process when dealing with new patients. The first and most important part of the process is getting a referral from your family doctor or general physician. You cannot simply walk into the CCC office in Kitchener and ask for a medical marijuana consultation. You must be referred. After you have been referred by your doctor and scheduled an appointment with Canadian Cannabis Clinics, where one of our expert medical cannabis doctors will assess whether or not your medical conditions could be treated by using medical marijuana. If one of our doctors decides that medical marijuana is a valid option for you, you will then be provided with the proper medical document—essentially a prescription. If medical marijuana in Kitchener is prescribed, your onsite doctor will walk you through the process of cannabis use, and assist you with the different consumption and strain options that are available and match you with the most suitable licensed producer in the Kitchener area.

Kitchener’s Medical Cannabis Leader

If you’re searching for a medical cannabis clinic in Kitchener, Canadian Cannabis Clinics is the place for you. Our staff is looking forward to helping you get the process started, so give us a call today to set up an appointment for your consultation!