How to Get Medical Cannabis
for Insomnia and Sleeping

Insomnia and Medical Cannabis

Getting a good night’s rest isn’t always easy, especially if you suffer from insomnia. Counting sheep only to toss and turn throughout the night leaves you in a restless state of agony and wondering what other natural sleep aids there are to help you snooze. In this case, research has shown that medical marijuana tends to induce heavier sleepy effects allowing for a better night’s rest, and can aid sleep without the risks commonly associated with prescription sleep aids – such as addiction, anxiety, depression, blurred vision, extreme fatigue, and other side effects.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Insomnia?

Medical marijuana consists of two separate compounds known as phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive compound in cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD), another major component of the plant. THC has also been shown to decrease the number of awakenings throughout the night. When THC degrades over time, it converts to a sedating chemical known as cannabinol or CBN. This cannabis compound is five times more sedating than THC, and can be used in the form of cannabis-infused edibles or inhalation methods.

It’s also worth noting that edibles take longer to kick in than inhalation methods, but their effects can last several more hours and help you stay asleep much longer. Inhaled cannabis – preferably smoke-free vapor – generally provides an instantaneous effect and lasts for about three to four hours, whereas ingested cannabis can take up to an hour to work, but lasts for up to six to eight hours.  Therefore, an edible cannabis product, taken approximately an hour before bedtime, can work extremely well to help get a full night’s sleep. A December 1973 study suggested “THC was found to significantly decrease the time it takes to fall asleep in physically healthy insomniacs. Once asleep, interruptions of sleep were not significantly altered over the whole night. The THC tended to be associated with some decrease in awakenings in the first half of the night.”

How Do I Get a Medical Marijuana Prescription for Insomnia?

If you would like to get assessed for medical marijuana for insomnia, you can choose to have a virtual or clinic appointment – whichever feels right for you. The fastest way to get a clinic appointment is to have a physician complete a Physician Referral Form. If a physician referral is not attainable, a Self-Referral Form is available. You can book a virtual appointment immediately. Virtual Care appointments are conducted through a secure online video call and do not require any referral forms.