Canadian Cannabis Clinics’ Nepean location represents the growing need for increased availability. This specific clinic offers new availability to the Nepean location and a more convenient location to locals. Seen in all CCC clinics, our goal is to help guide patients through the treatment process in healing their symptoms. It goes beyond a physical impact as we continue to create a better understanding of cannabis to unknowing doctors and an often misinformed population. Despite being legalized for over fifteen years, improper use of the drug has created a false representation. Our efforts to help spread knowledge about the drug is rooted in our desire to provide patients another, better route to healing. Improving social understanding will not only promote proper use of cannabis, but (hopefully) allow unreached patients to learn of its availability.

Why Cannabis?

Medical cannabis has been negatively stigmatized in popular media despite its legalization back in 2001. The misunderstanding is rooted in the fact that educated doctors who are up-to-date with recent developments are a minority in their field. Benefits from cannabis have been tracked to a large list of ailments and it continues to expand. If you suffer from ADHD, various sleep disorders, Inflammatory bowels, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases, you may benefit from treatment. Benefits extend to relief from arthritis and muscle problems. Our mission to heal and educate is focused around cannabis’ positive effects.

Where Do I Get Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is not readily available at any Canadian Cannabis Clinics. Despite us being licensed to fill and order prescriptions, you will need to take the prescription to any licensed medical marijuana provider. Finding a licensed option should not be difficult with available locations in Burlington, Toronto, and GTA. All licensed producers are forced to meet specific regulations to ensure proper treatment.

Cannabis Clinic Process

Schedule an appointment to meet with your doctor to discuss whether cannabis treatment is right for you. If you feel it is a potentially advantageous path, request a referral to the Nepean Canadian Cannabis Clinic from your doctor. If you cannot procure a reference, call us at 1-888-256-7043 or visit at 117 Centrepointe Drive Suite 124 Nepean, ON, K2G 5X3.