medical marijuana edmonton

Edmonton (North)

Canadian Cannabis Clinics has expanded to multiple Edmonton locations. The North location presents another, potentially more reachable location for those previously isolated. Our goal is to not only help patients treat a range of symptoms, but educate doctors along the way. A knowledgeable group staffs our clinic with a desire to help anyone who walks through the front door. Patients are guided through the process of how they need to attend to their symptoms, and anyone (doctors, patients, and others) are all offered the real look at a legal drug which carries a taboo representation. Creating a greater understanding of cannabis is a major step towards reaching the wealth of patients failing to take advantage of its availability.

Why Cannabis?

It is no secret that medical cannabis carries a negative reputation despite its legalization in 2001. The widespread misconception stems from the fact that very few doctors are up-to-date and knowledgeable about medical marijuana and its extreme aids for patients. The list of ailments that benefit from cannabis use are continually growing. Sufferers of ADHD, insomnia (and other sleep disorders), bowel diseases and Alzheimer’s are only a few of the target audience that have seen the positive impact. Additionally, medical marijuana offers a temporary resolve to pains rooted in arthritis, muscular dystrophy and general spasms. We are dedicated to educating a wider audience because of the multiple uses of the drug for patients. Our mission to heal and inform is rooted in the drugs’ positive effects when utilized properly.

Where Do I Get Marijuana?

Canadian Cannabis Clinics do not keep any medical marijuana available on-hand. Even though we are licensed to fill prescriptions, you are required to take it to one of the available medical marijuana producers. You will easily find licensed marijuana options all throughout the Burlington, Toronto, and GTA. If you have concerns about particular options, all licensed professionals are required to meet legal regulations.

Cannabis Clinic Process

Meet with your doctor to determine if cannabis treatment is a fitting match. If you feel it is the right direction, ask your doctor for a reference to the Edmonton (North) Canadian Cannabis Clinic. If you cannot get a referral, call us at 1-888-256-7043 or visit at 15353-97 Street Edmonton, AB, T5X 5V3.