Get Assessed
For Medical Cannabis Online

Appointments are conducted through a secure and private video call with a healthcare practitioner and medical cannabis educator.

What to Expect For Your Appointment?

1. Meet Practitioner

Your practitioner will join the video call. They will assess you for medical cannabis and potentially authorize/renew your medical document. You will get the opportunity to ask in-depth questions about cannabis in the next step with your medical cannabis educator.

2. Meet Educator & Register with LP

Your medical cannabis educator is there to educate and guide you. They will assist with product selection and dosing advice as well as send the registration forms to the licensed producer (LP) on your behalf. The LP is who you will actually order the medical cannabis from.

3. Follow up & Support

We’re here to continuously help and support you along your medical cannabis journey. You will receive a digital “Welcome Book – Cannabis Guide” after your appointment which has all the information you need. Our educators are on hand to help in between appointments too either by phone, email or video call.

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