Physician – Quebec

  • Canadian Cannabis Clinics is actively seeking new physicians to join our future team in the province of Quebec.
  • Canadian Cannabis Clinics is dedicated to being Canada’s foremost centre for cannabis use as medicine.
  • With over 30 locations across Canada in 3 provinces, our growing team of physicians are committed to ensuring our patients receive the best specialized care available.
  • Physicians will enjoy the service of our professional team that takes care of all administrative, management and billing needs to allow for complete focus on patients.
  • *Since in Quebec cannabis treatment is only possible under a regulated research framework, our team will provide the bureaucratic support and the necessary tools for the administration of the questionnaires and the collection of data.
  • Interested candidates are invited to visit any of our clinic locations and will be provided opportunity to shadow and learn from our experienced physicians.
  • We offer a very competitive split, part or full time schedules with opportunity to earn over $250 per hour, and on-site Cannabis Counsellors who provide education to patients. Locums are welcome.
  • We are fully compliant with CMQ, CPSO, CPSA, CPSBC standards of practices and Health Canada guidelines.
  • This is an opportunity to practice in a unique and evolving field of medicine and be part of the leading experts in this field.
  • Please contact Caroline for more information at:  [email protected]
Chantal Mason

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