Canadian Cannabis Clinics (CCC)
is building Canada’s foremost centre
for cannabis use as medicine


This is a new discipline and our team works to ensure our patients
get the best medical cannabis specialized care available.

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Dr. Barry Waisglass is an experienced General Practitioner who has worked in many Ontario communities, developing a broad interest in alternative treatments. He believes there are many ways to treat and reduce suffering other than by using prescription drugs. He has now chosen to work exclusively with patients who want to explore medical cannabis as such a treatment.

Since joining CCC, he has treated people who suffer daily from a wide range of chronic conditions. He has been very encouraged by patient reports of the many benefits they have experienced using cannabis medicine, even when using small doses over a short period of time. He believes that cannabis, properly used, will someday become a widely accepted and valued medicine, much as it was in the past.


Find out if medical cannabis could be a potential treatment option for you


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Our staff is committed to helping patients with a variety of conditions manage their symptoms through the use of medical cannabis.

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Canadian Cannabis Clinics is committed to educating patients, physicians and the general public about the effective use of medical cannabis.

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We collaborate with academic researchers to advance the state of the science regarding the medical use of cannabis.