Get Assessed Online

Appointments are conducted through a secure and private video call with a healthcare practitioner and medical cannabis educator. It’s quick and easy!

Meet a Healthcare Practitioner

Meet your healthcare practitioner over video call. They will assess you for medical cannabis and if eligible, authorize/renew your medical document.

See a Cannabis Educator

A medical cannabis educator will join the video call. They will assist with product selection and give dosing advice.

Get Registered with a Licensed Cultivator

Your educator will send the registration forms to the licensed cultivator (LC) on your behalf. You will then be able to order your medical cannabis directly from this LC.

Follow up and Support

Our educators are here to continuously help and support you along your medical cannabis journey.

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Currently available in all provinces and territories except Quebec. Fill in your details here to be contacted when it becomes available in this province.

Reasons to Choose Virtual

Save Time

No Commuting

More Availability


No Referral Needed